Ribeskin’s Epiderm Plus is a post-procedure cream that is formulated to rapidly aid damaged skin recovery after dermatological procedures. It features a high penetration rate through its gel-type texture that is based on the nano-capsulation technology. Epiderm Plus can be used immediately after any dermatological procedures, without hindering the procedure process, and it does not cause any skin irritation.


The Epiderm Plus gel contains centella asiatica extract, snail secretion filtrate and EGF as its main ingredients. It also features natural allantoin, which aids in providing a soothing effect, especially for red spots after laser treatments. This product also offers:

– Enhanced healing

– Stimulation of collagen synthesis

– Maintenance of skin’s moisture and protection from external substances

Ideal for varying uses, including:

After Laser Procedure

After Acne Extraction

After Peeling Procedure

After Meso-Therapy

After Dermatological Procedures

After UV Exposure


Expert Management

1. Apply evenly on desired area with a gentle massage before and after procedure.

Home Care Management:

1. Apply twice daily to treated areas.


Epiderm Plus’ efficacy and safety is approved by the following bodies:

FDA (United States)
CPNP (European Union)
KFDA (Korea)
HSA (Singapore)


Professional Use : 70g
Home care: 15g


It is ideal to apply the Epiderm Plus after the following:

– Laser procedures
– Acne extraction
– Peeling procedures
– Mesotherapy
– Dermatological procedures
– UV exposure


Please consult a doctor if you experience any side effects such as red spots, swelling, or itching in the area of use. Please also avoid exposure to direct sunlight after applying the product, and it is recommended to apply sunscreen after usage.

We advise that you perform a patch test of the product before applying it to your face. Do not apply the product on any open skin wounds or injuries. If you have any skin conditions, please consult your doctor before applying this product.

Keep product away from sunlight and out of children’s reach.